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This premiere blog post does not occure within the boarders of the University in Ås or anywhere else in Follo nor Akershus. The presence of the post’s creator is however on an arabic couch in Mourouj, Tunis, with the television letting us know the freshest news from Tunisian First.
My dear local chapter decided to finance an exursion from Ås to the Worlds social Forum in Tunis 26th to 29th of march. With my poor french and limited travel experience – currently from nowhere outside Europe – I will participate in the Forum along with several thousand organizations from all over the world!
From my little local chapter in Ås, with surroundings where you can scream as loud as possible about ATTAC without anyone paying attention to your agenda, I am truely overwhelmed by the fact that the second person I come in contact with on the WSF campus is from ATTAC France. How come?! There are many. According to there will be ATTAC from 11 countries in the forum.

Register for the WSF
Register for the WSF

ATTAC members, sisters, travel partners.
ATTAC members, sisters, travel partners.

Today, I had three things on my agenda: register for the forum, exploring Tunis and starting this blog. The registration was easily conducted because of all the faboulous volunteers. Exploring Tunis, I must say, has been awesome, because of it’s beauty and because of the athmosphere according to the revolution and its consequenses. 
Me and my sister are lucky enough to live at a local guy’s apartment this week, thanks to the genious network couchsurfing. We didn’t only get an awesome guide to explore the city and hang out with locals, but in addition he is leading one of the volunteer teams in the forum, and has answers to all our questions.

In front of Tunis Town Hall
In front of Tunis Town Hall

Tomorrow, the Worlds Social Forum begins. I can’t wait!
I have to say, what I look the most forward to is the opening march, a demonstration to show Tunis how many we are who believes in global changes towards a fair world!
There will be pictures!
Keep tuned!

Anna Austad
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