Det europeiske Attac-nettverket møttes i Dublin denne helga. Her følger en uttalelse om nyvalget i Hellas den 25. januar.

The Greek elections of January 25th open up the possibility of an end to the policy of inhumane austerity in the EU. This policy of austerity of EU governments threatens   the lives of millions, it destroys the economy and is anti-democratic.

A Greek government which says ‘no ‘to the dictatorship of the Troika will be   acting in the interests of all the people of Europe and with the support of social movements will ask for a renegotiation of the Greek debt as well as develop alternatives to cuts in social and cultural spending.

The hysteria sparked by mainstream media against the possible democratic choice of the Greek people is in total opposition to the demands of the vast majority of the population of the European Union.  A decision by Greek voters in favour of a political majority which demands a European Debt Conference, decent minimum wages, health services and the provision of food for all, will contribute to the restoration of the fundamental human rights of all European citizens. The ongoing political and media campaign against the democratic rights of the Greek people serves only the profit motives of financial investors, banks, the international economic elites and their political supporters across Europe.

Together with Greek citizens and social movements across Europe opposing austerity, we struggle to implement solutions that free our societies from the domination of financial markets and work towards progressive economic, monetary, social and environmental policies. These principles are formulated in our 2012 ‘Seven Principles to Free Our Societies from the Domination of Financial Markets’ and include: the removal of public finances from financial markets, the removal of austerity policies to release us from the debt trap, the implementation of measures to disarm financial markets and to put the banking sector under democratic control; additionally, the principles include policies aimed at giving state finances a sustainable basis by increasing taxation on wealth and on corporate profits, by ending tax evasion as well as by implementing a financial embargo on tax havens.

The European Attac Network condemns the incitement against democratic change in Greece and asks the Greek people to remain steadfast in their belief that democratic change is possible; this is not only in their own interest, but in the interest of the majority of the European people. It’s time to reclaim democracy!

Dublin, january 10, 2015.

Petter Slaatrem Titland