Digital communication tools for activists

26. oktober

18:00 – 19:30

Frivillighetshuset, K2 (7. etasje)

We use Slack, Teams and Zoom for meetings, we communicate in private on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, while we announce our events and spread our message trough Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We criticize the dominance of global monopolies and the subsequent human rights threats and abuses, and yet have to rely on tools owned by the same billionaires to organize and to promote our events.

At least since private Facebook messages were used to convict women in the USA for having an abortion, it also became obvious that private monopolies can not be trusted with our most intimate communication. For the same reasons, they do not pose an adequate solution for activists, who in many countries have to face oppression and surveillance.

Join us at this event to learn about the the structures that keep us trapped on the big centralized platforms, and how new EU regulations aim to address the problem.

More importantly though, learn how we at Attac use secure and independent communication tools, and how you or your organization can become part of a decentralized, non-commercial social network.

The talk will be in English.



    Frivillighetshuset, K2 (7. etasje)

    Kolstadgata 1, Oslo


    onsdag 26. oktober

    18:00 – 19:30