Firenze 10+10

8. november – 11. november

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Fortezza da Basso

Joining forces for another Europe.

4 days to exchange and converge on common strategies and actions.
– November 8-11, 2012

More than 3 thousand attendees, 4 days of work, the same location as 10 years ago – a completely different political context.

When the movements and European networks met in Florence in 2002 to start the first European Social Forum, the crisis was already an announced result of the impact of the economic and financial globalization in the analysis of the movements.

Today, the crisis is the reality we all live in.

This is why the European meeting “Florence 10+10/Joining forces for another Europe” do not want to be a celebration, but a gathering with two main goals; First, give a common answer and joining social forces at a European level to the crisis and the policies imposed by the EU institutions and the ECB; Second, creating alliances for a long term strategy that will allow to build a social Europe, the European citizen’s Europe.

The presence of attendees coming from different backgrounds such as networks, movements, trade unions, associations and NGOs from various places and of diverse composition should be intended as a search for convergence and a joint effort towards a strong and widespread anti-neoliberal mobilisation, that will stand as an alternative to the banker’s Europe, the supremacy of the market, the financial speculations and the fiscal compact.


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Attac Norge deltar på Firenze 10+10 sammen med deltakere fra det internasjonale Attac-nettverket. Kontaktperson for den norske delegasjonen er leder i Attac Norge, Benedikte Pryneid Hansen.

Kontaktinformasjon: benedikte(at) / 915 87 423


Fortezza da Basso

Viale Filippo Strozzi 1 , Firenze


torsdag 8. november

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