Nordisk sommersamling i Sverige

25. juni – 30. juni

Hele dagen

Lindsbergs kursgård

I år blir den nordisk sommersamling under sommerleiren til den svenske kampanjen Global Rättvisa Nu:

Sommarläger om rättvis klimatomställning, miljö- och social rättvisa, gemensam välfärd, gruvboom mm. I den idylliska miljön vid Lindsbergs kursgård blir det politiska samtal, umgänge och upptakt för gemensamma kampanjer 2014. Fredagen är för alla som vill en dag för att besöka festivalen Peace & love.

Mer information på sommerleirens hjemmeside og under.

Det blir mulig å sitte på med bil fra Oslo (bensinspleis). Avreise midt på dagen Tirsdag 25. juni, reisetid ca 5 og en halv time. Det er også mulig å ta tog til Falun ( Avreise fra Oslo kl 7:30, 8 timer reisetid med 2 togbytter.

Nordic Attac Summer Gathering 2013 – part of the summer camp Rättvisa Nu!

Once again summer is approaching and a building on last years Nordic summer forum we hope to see many of you in June for an Attac-summer-experience!

Organisations in the Swedish network Global Justice Now (Friends of the Earth, Latinamerikagrupperna, Klimataktion, Attac and a few more) will arrange a summer camp in a very suitable location at Lindsbergs kursgård in Dalarna (run by young enthusiasts) 25-30th of June 2013. One of the goals is to plan common activities in the run up to the elections in Sweden in september 2014. Other goals are social; networking, dancing, sports etc. And of course to have some important political presentations and discussion. During the first two days (Tuesday/Wednesday) there is time for organisations to host their own meetings and activities. The summer camp is expected to gather around 50-80 activists.

Rather close to the campsite is Sweden’s biggest music festival Peace & Love in Borlänge that starts on Thursday June 27, and the idea is that we go there Friday both for political activities and fun.

The proposal is to have a dedicated Nordic Attac Summer Gathering on Wednesday June 26. For this to work out, all who want be part should arrive on Tuesday afternoon/evening. It’s then possible to take part in as much as you like of the activities during the days after Wednesday. A detailed program of the whole summer camp will be presented in early May. Following is a proposal for the Attac Wednesday.

Overview in brief – Nordic Attac Summer Gathering & Rättvisa Nu!

Tuesday 25th – Arrival / gathering during dinner

Wednesday 26th – Nordic Attac Summer Gathering

Thursday 27th – Workshop on common campaigning in the run up to the Swedish elections in 2014. Parallell program with seminars in english. (Nordic guests can either have their own meetings or go to Peace and Love or just have a lovely well earned day off)

Friday 28th – Common political activities in Borlänge – connected to the music festival Peace & Love

Saturdag 29th – Common seminar/workshop day. Proposed themes are on topics like a «Fair Transition» (connecting unions and solidarity/environmental movements), on «Common cause» (finding a common ground for collaborating in values

Sunday 30th – Summaries and closing

= = = = = = = = = = =

Wednesday June 26 – program proposal


9.00 – 10.00 Welcoming, introduction & updates

Sharing of experiences from the chapters in groups.

10.00 – 12.00 Tax Haven Free Cities & Zones

Introduction to the current campaigning and status. (Presented by Gunilla Andersson …)

Collaboration on next steps and future campaigning.

12.00 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 15.30 The emerging new campaign in Sweden «Folkkampanj för Gemensam Välfärd»

A case study of the new broad campaign in support of the common welfare that is currently mobilising in Sweden.

What is it’s role? How can we interact among the Nordic countries in support of a stronger common welfare?


(Presented by Håkan Sundberg)

15.30 – 16.00 Break with fika

16.00 – 17.00 EUROPE – updates from the European Attac Network and other movements

(Possibly including a report from Alter Summit in Athens, June 7-8,

17.00 – 18.00 Reflecting and summing up impressions – in groups

18.00 Dinner

= = = = = = = = = = =

Practical info

Register – registration for the camp has not opened yet, but we’ll get back on this as soon as it does.

Participation fee (to be confirmed)
150 SEK per day (food + tent-place inluded)
+ accomodation depending on choice

Bed in a room of 4-10 beds: 50 SEK / night

Double-room: 100 SEK / night and person
Double-bed in double-room: 100 SEK / night and person

Travelling instructions

Train/bus: The camp location at Lindsbergs kursgård is close to the city Falun.
From Falun there are busses connecting almost every hour taking you to the camp site.

Car: Head for Falun! And from there it’s a few minutes ride more.

Map (google) of the actual location:


Summer camp website:

Facebook-event of the summer camp:

Music festival Peace & Love:


Lindsbergs kursgård

Lindsberg, Falun


tirsdag 25. juni

Hele dagen