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Arrangementets navn. Eksempel: Bursdagsselskap


Dette er et gjentakende arrangement.


For et gjentakende arrangement vil en forekomst av arrangementet opprettes på hver gjentakende dato innenfor dette tidsrommet.

Dette arrangementet gjentas hver dag dager uke på uker på måned på måneder på år år i måneden
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Lag en plassering eller begynne å skrive for å søke en tidligere opprettet plassering.

A Zoom Meeting will be created automatically for this event.

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General Options

Choose whether to display the join URL on ical feeds as the location of the event. Be aware that enabling this could cause confusion if you want people to register first on your site. If your Meeting settings require registraiton without approval or no registration at all they can access the Meeting with this url.

Meeting Options

Allow participants to join the meeting before the host starts the meeting.
Add watermark when viewing a shared screen.
Use Personal Meeting ID instead of an automatically generated meeting ID.
Allow attendees to join from multiple devices.

Host Options

Alternative host’s emails or IDs: multiple values separated by a comma.
Contact name for registration.
Contact email for registration.


You have the choice of enabling registrations for Zoom meetings/webinars as well as enabling bookings for this event via Events Manager, your choice depends on your needs.

Registrations made on Zoom.com will not appear here, whereas registrations made via Events Manager will be synced with Zoom.com including status changes such as approval and cancellation/rejection.

If you would manage your Zoom bookings exclusively in Events Manager, we recommend setting this to required with manual approval because, in theory, anyone with a zoom.com registration link can still book but their registration will still require approval.

If registration is required, but you do not require bookings via this event, you can enable registration here and link visitors directly to the Zoom registration page (link available on zoom meeting settings page).

If you choose 'no registration required' but enable bookings for this event, then any unique booking URLs in confirmation emails will be replaced with the generic non-unique join URL of the meeting.

Meeting authentication domains. This option, allows you to specify the rule so that Zoom users, whose email address contains a certain domain, can join the meeting. You can either provide multiple domains, using a comma in between and/or use a wildcard for listing domains.


Passcode may only contain the following characters: [a-z A-Z 0-9 @ - _ * !]. Max of 10 characters. Passcodes are required by Zoom, one will be generated for you if left blank.


Send email notifications to registrants about approval, cancellation, denial of the registration. The value of this field must be set to true in order to use the Send Confirmation Email to Registrants field.
If enabled, the Send Confirmation Email to Registrants field will also be automatically enabled by Zoom.


Start video when the host joins the meeting.
Start video when participants join the meeting.


Determine how participants can join the audio portion of the meeting.

Select countries users can dial-in from. This information will be displayed on Zoom confirmation emails.



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