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Fransk uro over CETA-avtalen

1. november 2017Blogg | Handelspolitikk
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Det er ikkje berre arbeidstakarinteressene som blir den tapande part i den økonomiske krigen mellom bedrifter over landegrensene som det «den nye generasjonen handelsavtalar» legg opp til. Handelsavtalane er også ein trussel mot miljøet, skriver Odd Tarberg på Attac-bloggen.

Attac Frankrike: Etter Sarkozys fall

8. mai 2012Attac | Europa | Pressemeldinger
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After Sarkozy’s defeat, towards a united left front in Europe. Attac rejoices at what could be the first political defeat of those who support austerity measures inEurope. Sarkozy’s defeat means the downfall of an arrogant president who only tried serve the interests of a greedy oligarchy. It reflects the people’s resistance against austerity measures that led to massive demonstrations against the pension reform programme in 2010. It raises hope among Southern European countries that have to face the terrible havoc caused by policies enforced by the Troika (European Commission, ECB and IMF). Especially since on the same Sunday in Greece a genuine left-wing party made an historic breakthrough in the general elections, with the two government parties associated with austerity plans and the collapse of the country. Yet while we feel a huge relief, we know how tenuous hope is. The pressure of financial markets will increase in the coming weeks to force François Hollande to ratify the Fiscal Pact imposed by Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, with some vague statements and puny measures about.