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Global justice now

1. april 2016Europa | Handelspolitikk | Skatterettferdighet
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Av Nick Dearden, leder i Global Justice Now, Attacs søsterorganisasjon i Storbritannia. Twelve months ago we changed our name. We didn’t do it on a whim or as a piece of marketing, but as part of a ‘relaunch’ to express how much the world has changed in the 45 years since we were founded. In the early 1970s the name ‘World Development Movement’ summed up our aspirations: we needed a movement of people to stand in solidarity with the liberation of the global South. That’s what ‘development’ seemed to imply – the liberation of individuals and societies that had suffered under the chains of empire for far too long. In those days, liberation struggles were regular features of the news, social democracy was strong in Europe and governments from the non-aligned movement organised at the UN to contest the power of the US and its allies. Today, development has been taken from us. More often than not our allies in the global South are fighting against projects which are labelled ‘development’ – the building of five star hotels.